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Washington D.C.’s AZTEC SUN (AZS) is all about that Funk and Soul. Hailing from the hottest, stankiest rock at the fiery core of the District, their style and sound are born from the climatic cosmic matrimony of “GOTTAHAVEIT” and “GIMMEDATGUDSH*T”, all wedged underneath two scoops of “AWWYEAUH!”
As a 6-piece, the band’s original music shows a new school approach to classic Funk cadences. Infectious melodies draw you in, and with each rhythmic hip thrust your feet are sliding in sequence. The groove is voluptuous, tight in the pocket, and when the band breaks on the one you’re already craving for more. AZTEC SUN is a creative factory with a culturally and musical diverse background which add color to the soundscape of their music; and the band’s live performances are high-energy, seemingly non-stop dance-a-thons.
The AZS FUNKtrain has made many stops throughout DC, MD, VA, and NY — Funk Parade, Velvet Lounge, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel, Gypsy Sally’s as well as World of Beer in C’ville and Bar Nine in NYC (to name a few). In every performance, AZTEC SUN unleashes the full palette of its creative juices to connect with their audience and push the Funk mantra – “WHATEVER MAKES YOU DANCE”.

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